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Doulas Greensboro NC | 3 Great Support Teams for Your Birth

Having extra support from a doula during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care has transformed the birthing community.  Their dedicated support and assistance bring a new empowering dynamic to this life-changing experience. So if you’re expecting or planning to be, keep reading to see which doulas in Greensboro, NC, can be there for you!

3 Doulas in Greensboro, NC

Triad Montessori Doula Services

Skye Dodson M.Ed is a certified birth doula, AMS Montessori certified (birth-3 level), and more. She is committed and passionate about using her skills and knowledge to support families in Greensboro, North Carolina, from pregnancy to postpartum care.  As your doula in Greensboro, NC, you can look forward to the following support and care she provides:

  • Individualized nutritional and health guidance.
  • Support in decisions and birthing plans.
  • Advocating for you and your family throughout labor.
  • Offering postpartum support through age 3
  • Coaching through the toilet learning process
  • Guidance in using Positive Discipline for toddlers and preschoolers

You can check out Triad Montessori Doula Services here!

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Amelia Mattocks

Amelia loves being able to support her clients in their reproductive health journey. Her goal as a doula in Greensboro, NC, is to help provide unbiased and evidence-based information so you can feel empowered and confident in your decisions for your family. She believes in a positive birthing experience for mom, baby, and family. Flexible payments allow her to help many families have the support they deserve.

  • Birth services- $1,200 
  • Postpartum Services- $60/Hour
  • Virtual service 
  • Serves North Carolina Piedmont Triad, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, Statesville, Burlington, Chaplet Hill, and Durham (willing to travel 1 hour outside Greensboro). 
  • Services can also be specialized for families with prenatal or postnatal genetic disability diagnoses.

If her fees don’t fit your budget, she will work with you on a payment plan or fee scale that works with your family. She also provides free services to teen parents.

You can contact Amelia here to set up your consultation.

Natural Baby Doulas

Supporting families since 2012, this team of 6 doulas in Greensboro, NC, is ready to support and empower you, so you appreciate and welcome your birth experience instead of fearing it. Your journey throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum is unique and personal, and so is your birthing plan. Having your doula present can help you achieve the birth you envisioned with their variety of services.

  • Prenatal meeting 
  • Birth Doula – $1100
  • Postpartum Doula -$30/Hour at a 4-hour minimum. Nights are $40/Hour at an 8-hour minimum.
  • Childbirth Education (unlimited Childbirth classes is only $50)
  • Breastfeeding Support $80-$160
  • Placenta Encapsulation $250-$300 
  • Birthing services for  Greensboro, High Point, Winston -Salem, Burlington, Chapel Hill, Statesville, and everywhere in-between.
  • Postpartum Services for Greensboro, High Point and Burlington 

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Doulas Greensboro, NC

No matter the birthing plan you choose, having a doula in Greensboro, NC, ready to support, assist, and advocate for you during a vulnerable life-changing moment can make your birthing story a magical one. Who couldn’t use more support when it comes to parenthood?

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