Five “E”s for an Amazing Family Session | Piedmont Triad Family Photography

Your session is almost here! If you have a session booked with me, please know that I can’t wait to see you and I am so so excited for your sweet session!

Remember, you’ve hired me for a relaxed, joyful, connected experience.  And you can help me achieve that fully with just a few quick tips to remember during your session!  These five “E”s will help you have an amazing session.  I promise that they will help you feel connected to one another and embrace this beautiful moment together.  When you look back on your photos, that is exactly how I want you to feel.

I encourage a session full of joyful connection—looking at one another, jumping right in together into a prompt or activity, and staying in (literal) close touch.

Here are my five “E”s for an amazing session:

#1 : Embrace

Hold and love on your children and your partner.  Get close and touch one another, pick your kids up (if you can!—sometimes that’s an oof!), snuggle.  And even more, embrace the moment!  Meet their silliness with your own.  Laugh with your babies, big and small.  If they are upset or get hurt, hold and comfort them.  Look right into their eyes.  Your true relationship is what I want to capture, so embrace being authentically you in your parenting and love for one another.

#2: Engage

Engage your heart, of course, but also your eyes and face (look at one another and smile at these great loves!), your hands (touch and hold one another), and your body.  Movement is KEY!  Sway with your kiddos, swing them around, twirl, dip them!  Get your hands in their sweet hair and touch their faces.  The more you can dive in to the experience with your whole heart and body, the more intimate and joyful your gallery will be!

#3: Entertain

It may sound silly, but come ready with some memories to recall and stories to tell (the day you knew you would finally be able to adopt them, how they put their face right into their first birthday cake, that time at band camp…), and things you have been wanting to say to your beloved and your children (how you know they love you, what you appreciate most about them, what you admire in who they are becoming…).   A session together can be the perfect moment to say what is on your heart, what makes you happy, what fills you with pride.

#4: Explore

Explore this new, wonderful world with your children.  If your child finds something interesting or beautiful, kneel right down to look with them. Run together! Twirl!  Help your little one climb that rock to see if they can reach the top.

#5: Enjoy

Enjoy each other!  Melt into your partner’s kisses and embrace.  Look at your beautiful children and wonder at their sweet faces and amazing personalities.  Laugh together about silly things.  Smell that soft baby hair and feel that baby skin and let it overwhelm you. Let your joy radiate in your face and expression.  Enjoy your session, so that when you look back on your photos, they will bring you back to the happiness you have in your beautiful family.

Your love and joy in one another will shine through in your photos!

The All Important Last Minute Checklist:

Before leaving for your session, please be sure to:

  • Be sure to feed your kids, even if it is a snack, and do a last bathroom stop for everyone.  If we are running up on mealtime, it is a great idea to have that meal a bit earlier than usual.  Hungry kids are not usually at their best.
  • Have hair and make-up done before arriving for your session and any outfit changes not including items from my client closet prior to your session time.
  • Remove all items in your pockets (phone, keys, anything and everything, really!). Double-check all family members for anything in front and back pockets before your session begins.  This helps eliminate the “squared-off-bum” look in your photos.
  • Remove hair ties from wrists, bandaids, sunglasses, and non-sentimental jewelry (Apple watches, etc.).
  • Plan to be 10 minutes early to your session location.

One more super important tip!

Pretty please share this information with your family (other adults and older children, especially), so that you are all well prepared for your sweet session and everyone is on the same page!