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Choosing a Photographer with a Client Closet

If you’ve never heard of a client closet, here’s a quick catch up!

A photographer’s Client Closet is literally that: a closet full of gorgeous clothing for you, my incredible clients, to choose for your session. You don’t have to purchase a dress or skirt for amazing wardrobe pieces that will have you looking just like the families you see in my portfolio!  I offer incredible dresses and skirts for adults and a variety of sweet children’s pieces to help coordinate your family beautifully!

Choosing a Photographer with a Client Closet

I’ve done the shopping for you!

toddler playing with mom photographer-client-closet-winston-salem-ncWhat’s In My Client Closet?

So now that you know what a client closet is, what can you expect to find in mine?

First, you will be able to choose from a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to find something perfect for you. The dresses, tops, and skirts I have chosen are perfectly curated to look amazing on you AND they will photograph beautifully. So often, and I know this is true for myself too, the photographs you will treasure—the ones that will grace your walls and your heirloom albums—are not the ones in our everyday wear.

We want something special.  Something beautiful.  We want clothing that will make us feel absolutely incredible.  Maybe even a once-in-a-lifetime look.

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Gorgeous Details

Every piece is special in some way.  There is detail, lace, cutouts.  Tulle for miles.  Skirts and dresses are long to take advantage of movement.  Sleeves have personality and charm.

I have chosen each element in my closet for that timeless charm that will keep your images classic, sophisticated, and never look dated.

Children’s clothing features gathers and tucks, eyelet, and sweet patterns.

And best of all, I know you will feel so gorgeous! And you’re going to absolutely shine!

Shop my amazing Client Closet full of dresses for parents and beautiful children’s pieces! 

Choosing a Photographer with a Client Closet

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